a technical software engineer
that focuses on the
user experience

i'm also

a junior Computer Science major at Clemson University with skills in many different areas of computing and design

  • Worked at the Original Benjamin's Calabash Seafood Buffet for 6 summers, learning to interact with customers, teamwork, and general interpersonal skills.
  • Currently participate in the Clemson University Rocket Engineering team, where I help with the programming for the Avionics (aviation electronics) sub-team.
  • C++ is currently my favorite language, by virtue of using it the most.
  • Come from the Scholars Academy and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
  • Use Windows for games, the Adobe CC suite, and general computing. I use Fedora Linux on my laptop for general use and coding.
  • Interests include computer hardware, smartphones, graphic design, video production, game production, virtual reality, net neutrality, and hackathons.
  • For fun, I play video games, DM/play Dungeons and Dragons, read about consumer electronics, watch anime, and listen to a lot of music.