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Code that runs the Clemson University Rocket Engineering rockets.


The code is written in Python for the base station (the computer that stays on the ground) and now in Python for the rocket itself (previously C++). The team participates in the annual Intercollegiate Rocket Enginnering Competition; we also build smaller rockets for practice and in preparation for building the ones that go compete.

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Clemson University's payload for the 2019 RockSat-C program.

C++ (Arduino)

I helped develop two experiments that were launched inside a NASA sounding rocket: as described by our mission statement, we wanted to "study the characteristics of a simulated soft body actuator and to gather GPS data for a student outreach program".

To study the soft body actuator, we needed a camera-based vision system that calculates the distance between two points in real time via a Raspberry Pi camera. This code uses OpenCV for video analysis and is linked below.

The portion of the experiement that was designed to gather GPS data did not function properly. Becaues I was unable to determine the cause, the code is no longer available.

I also authored the 15-page report for this payload. It is linked below.

For more information about the RockSat-C program, visit their website

vectorizer Report (PDF)


A personal project that sets my desktop wallpaper.

Python, Bash

A program that sets your wallpaper (wal), written in Python (py), from an image from a subreddit RSS feed (rss). It supports command line arguments, as well as feh (i3) and KDE Plasma. It mostly works, aside from a bug resulting from how you change the wallpaper from the command line in Plasma.

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An implementation of a 1-player game of Blackjack.


Written for class: GC (graphic communications) 3400.

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Submission to CUhackit 2020. Continuing development.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

The final product can be described as a generalized multiplayer game interface in which an end use can easily create their own party games (i.e. by implementing a few methods and a class, then be able to spin up their own server for their friends to join. Multiple games can be hosted on one server, distinguished from unique game codes.

I created the frontend for this application. Links to the various portions are below. HTML and CSS were written by me, and I pair-programmed in JavaScript; the frontend uses AJAX GET and POST requests to send information to and update the user from the server.

HTML CSS JavaScript


Submission to CUhackit 2019.


My team's submission was in two parts: a 2D platformer game created in GameMaker Studio 2 and a program to parse a JSON file and virtualize the inputs found in it. I created the latter.

The Python program uses the keyboard library the given keyboard input. The input is written in JSON; this was my first time working with Python by myself.

The accompanying game, created simultaneously, was named Dessert Dash.

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Submission to CUhackit 2018.


This was my team's attempt at creating a terminal-based poker game. Ideally, users would be able to connect to each other on the same internet connection via a Unix terminal and play poker (Texas Hold'em and Blackjack) with each other. However, we couldn't get the multiplayer interface to work.

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Source code for this website.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4

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